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What Is Medical Tattooing?
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What Is Medical Tattooing?

When you hear the term medical tattoo, what comes to mind? A permanent alternative to a medical bracelet? A tattoo in the shape of a red cross? While most people think of tattoos as an artistic expression of their individuality and unique personality, not all tattoos are purely for fun. Rather, medical tattoos function to camouflage the appearance of skin and hair changes that develop from a variety of causes.

Curious what medical tattooing entails? The experts at Medical Tattoo Centers of America have the details below.

Medical Tattooing: The Basics

Medical tattooing, also referred to as medical micropigmentation, is a corrective and restorative aesthetic procedure. It’s designed to camouflage an area of the recipient’s skin or scalp that has undergone undesirable changes. In many cases, the technique is also applied to correct or camouflage conditions that were present at birth, such as a cleft lip or achromia. The procedure has a wide variety of applications, including:

●        Scar or burn camouflage

●        Stretch mark camouflage

●        Restoration of areola pigmentation

●        Nipple restoration after mastectomy surgery

●        Hair follicle simulation

●        Brightening and balancing skin tone

The Medical Tattoo Process

The medical micropigmentation procedure deposits tiny spheres of sterile organic or mineral pigments into the upper layers of the skin (dermis). Unlike standard tattooing, medical tattooing requires the use of a specialized medical tattoo machine, smaller needles, and different pigments.

The procedure is virtually painless, as the practitioner first applies a topical anesthetic to the recipient’s treatment area. However, if the patient wishes to forego anesthetic, he or she has the option to do so. In most cases, more than one treatment is necessary to achieve the desired result.

After the tattoo from the initial session heals completely, the recipient will return for subsequent sessions until the full tattoo is complete. Depending on the treatment area and the individual’s preference, periodic pigment touchups may be required to maintain the appearance of the tattoo. Read our FAQ's for aftercare scalp micropigmentation

Who Can Perform Medical Tattoos?

A common misconception about medical tattoos is that anyone with medical training can administer them, but that’s far from true. Even physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, and nurse aestheticians are not qualified to perform medical tattooing without extensive training. Practitioners must also hold specific certifications and licensing according to state regulations and in many cases, the procedure must be performed under the supervision of a physician.

Is a Medical Tattoo Right for You? Learn More at Medical Tattoo Center of America

If you’re living with skin abnormalities you’d like to camouflage, our team at Medical Tattoo Centers of America is here to help. We deeply understand how hair loss, scarring, and other physical anomalies can affect your confidence. That’s why we created our first-of-its-kind clinic in Minnesota — to help you achieve your desired look and reclaim your confidence.

To learn more about medical tattoos or schedule a free consultation with our team, feel free to call us today at 612-770-0000. You can also connect with us online, and we’ll be in touch promptly.

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