Nipple Tattoo for Post Mastectomy Scars Twin Cities

Mastectomy Scars, Areola Pigmentation & Nipple Reconstruction

Mastectomy Scars, Areola Pigmentation & Nipple Reconstruction

Mastectomy Scars & Nipple Reconstruction

For many breast cancer survivors, breast reconstruction can be healing both emotionally and physically. Medical tattoos offer a permanent way to camouflage mastectomy scars and reconstruct nipples. At Medical Tattoo Centers of America, we use micropigmentation techniques to create beautiful illusions and a natural appearance. Our services are minimally invasive and follow all medical guidelines. Schedule a free consultation today!

What Are Mastectomy Scar Tattoos?

A mastectomy leaves significant scars on your body that take time to heal. Even after your skin has healed, you’re left with deep scars that show the trauma you went through. Some women don’t want the reminder every time they look in the mirror, and we’re here to help. With a mastectomy tattoo, we can camouflage your scars by blending them into the surrounding skin.

  • Mastectomy tattoos are a minimally invasive and safe procedure.
  • Using a sterilized hand tool with a needle attached to the end, we inject a carefully mixed pigment designed to match your skin tone.
  • Depending on the size of the area we are tattooing, the procedure could take anywhere from two to eight hours.

What Are Nipple Tattoos?

Having a mastectomy can feel like losing part of yourself, and at Medical Tattoo Centers of America, we understand this and want to help. Our mission is to help you feel your best and provide the care and compassion you deserve. Along with medical tattoos that can camouflage your scars so they blend into surrounding skin, we also can tattoo nipples and areolas for you. Many survivors choose to have nipples and areolas tattooed after their mastectomy as the last step in the physical reconstruction process that follows this type of surgery. We’ll ensure that your areolas match your nipples and complete your breast reconstruction. With our permanent solution, you can continue the healing process and get the look you want for your body.

  • Like the mastectomy tattoo and other medical tattoo services we offer, we match the pigment for your nipple tattoo to your specifications.
  • We create the illusion of a nipple in either 2D or 3D form, depending on your preference.
  • For nipple reconstruction, we use complex, specifically mixed intradermal micropigmentation for the best results.

Mastectomies change the way your body looks forever, but with nipple tattoos, we can make you look more like yourself. Our services can also transform irregular or fading areolas. To learn more about our nipple tattoo process, feel free to contact us via phone or email.

Is This Procedure Permanent?

Our mastectomy scar and nipple tattoos are considered permanent, but with any ink injection, it will need to be touched up over time because the ink will fade. We offer one free touch-up within the first six months after your procedure. When you come in for your free consultation, we will discuss this in-depth, so you understand the whole procedure from start to finish.

Your Privacy Is Our Guarantee

Mastectomy tattoos can bring emotional healing, but we understand you may want to keep your journey private. We guarantee your privacy by only scheduling one patient in the clinic at a time, with no overlap. To see examples of these procedures we have done, visit our gallery page today.

Areola Pigmentation - $250+

Nipple Tattoos - $350+

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