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Ear Piercing

Medical Ear Piercing in the Twin Cities


Whether you want to get your child’s ears pierced or you’re looking for an advanced piercing artist for your own ears, visit Medical Tattoo Centers of America!

Our medically licensed and state-certified advanced body piercers specialize in medical ear piercing for all ages and guarantee a completely safe, sterile environment.

  • Aseptic piercing technique. As a medical ear piercing clinic, we perform our work in the safest, most sterile ear piercing environment to keep you or your loved one as safe as possible.
  • Get any type of ear piercing you can imagine. Whether you’re looking for a single, double, or triple piercing or you want a tragus, daith, conch, helix, or rook piercing, we’ll make it happen. We also offer earlobe stretching and repair.
  • Free consultation to plan your ear design. We offer free ear piercing consultations to help you plan out the ear design that best expresses your unique style.
What Types of Ear Piercing Can You Get?

Looking for baby ear piercing? Lobe piercing? Something a bit more exotic? We do it all. As state-certified advanced body modification technicians, we can perform any type of piercing you can dream up.

There’s more to your ear than just your ear lobe, so feel free to get creative!

Labeled Ear Piercing Placements Multiple lobe piercings

Want a single piercing in each earlobe? How about a double, triple, or quadruple piercing arrangement in each lobe? Want to go asymmetrical and get two piercings in one lobe and three in the other? You can totally do that too. Get as creative as you like!

Daith piercing

Just behind the ear canal, there’s a fold of cartilage that can accommodate a piercing or two, depending on its size. This particular piercing almost looks as though it’s floating in the center of the ear.

Tragus piercing

Just in front of the opening of the ear canal is a small piece of cartilage that looks almost like a triangle. It’s what helps keep earbuds inside your ear. This small section of cartilage is called the tragus and it can accommodate one to two piercings, depending on its size.

Anti-tragus piercing

The anti-tragus is a small section of cartilage that sits just across from the tragus, right above the earlobe. It can accommodate a piercing or two, depending on size, and many people choose to get tragus and anti-tragus piercings together to complement one another.

Conch/Auricle piercing

This piercing goes through the auricle (also known as the pinna) of the ear, which is the thick, outer sweep of cartilage attached to the inner cup of the ear. You can opt for an inner or outer conch piercing or get both areas pierced — whatever you like best!

Rook piercing

A rook piercing goes through the inner portion of the small section of cartilage that sits near the topmost ridge of the ear. This area sits just above where a daith piercing would sit.

Helix piercing

Helix piercings sit above the tragus, anywhere in the upper half of the ear’s cartilage. This area can accommodate multiple piercings stacked on top of one another, depending on its size. Many people choose a double or triple helix piercing to make the area really stand out.

Orbital piercing

Orbitals consist of two separate piercing holes connected by a single piece of ring jewelry. Many people choose to get this type of piercing in the helix region, but it can also be done in other areas like the upper cartilage, conch, or rook, depending on the ear’s shape.

Earlobe stretching (gauging)

Lobe stretching gradually increases the width of a lobe piercing to create a gauged earlobe. Beginners typically start with a 16 gauge earring and gradually increase the size from there.

Labeled Ear Piercing Spots

What to Expect With Medical Ear Piercing

When you visit Medical Tattoo Centers of America for ear piercing, the first thing we’ll do is conduct a consultation to determine your needs and aesthetic goals.

If you have any metal allergies, we’ll discuss alternatives for your piercing jewelry and explain how the piercing process will work.

During your piercing appointment, we’ll mark the area(s) to be pierced and adjust as necessary until you’re 100% satisfied. Only when you’ve signed off on the design will we proceed with the actual piercing.

As always, we perform all of our piercing procedures in a sterile, comfortable environment to ensure your safety.

In compliance with Minnesota law, we require all minors to be accompanied by a parent or legal adult guardian at their piercing appointment. Proof of guardianship is required. If you are over the age of 18, you must bring your state or federally issued ID to your appointment.

Because patient safety is our highest priority, we will not perform any piercing on an intoxicated individual and reserve the right to refuse service at our discretion.

Ear Piercing Aftercare and Healing Time

Every person’s ears are unique, so piercing healing times will vary from patient to patient. It’s important to note, however, that cartilage piercings generally take longer to heal than lobe piercings and are typically accompanied by more discomfort.

On average, lobe piercings heal completely within one to two months, while the healing process for cartilage piercings can require four to 12 months.

At your appointment, you’ll receive in-depth aftercare instructions which, if practiced diligently, will minimize your risk of developing an infection that can delay healing.

Schedule a Medical Ear Piercing Consultation Today

If you’re looking for safe, sterile, and comfortable ear piercing in the Twin Cities, look no further than Medical Tattoo Centers of America! From baby ear piercing to advanced ear design, all of our piercings are performed in accordance with the highest sterility standards.

We also offer several other aesthetic services, including skin care treatments, teeth care, tattoo removal, and more.

Get in touch with us today to set up an ear piercing consultation to discuss your needs! To get started, call our office at 612-770-0000 or request a free consultation online.




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