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Whether you’re dealing with earlobe damage caused by prolonged stretching or your earlobes were marred by an accident, our team at Medical Tattoo Centers of America can help!

Our medically licensed providers specialize in surgical earlobe repair and reconstruction for gauged, torn, drooping, or otherwise damaged earlobe tissue.

  • Quick procedure, minimal downtime. Earlobe repair surgery requires about 30 minutes to an hour per ear, and there’s very little post-surgery downtime.
  • Safe for all ages. Earlobe repair procedures are safe for both adults and children and typically involve a local anesthetic rather than general anesthesia.
  • Personalized pain management. We offer fully customizable ProNox nitrous oxide pain management to help mitigate anxiety and discomfort.

Are You a Good Candidate for Earlobe Repair Surgery?

Just about anyone who has stretched, torn, or otherwise damaged earlobes is a candidate for earlobe repair.

You might consider having this procedure performed if you:

  • Wore heavy earrings over a prolonged period that caused your earlobe tissue to stretch or droop.
  • Have multiple ear piercings in one or both of your earlobes that you no longer want.
  • Gauged your ears and no longer feel comfortable sporting plugs, gauged earrings, or a gaping hole in your earlobe.
  • Had an earring ripped out of your ear through the lobe or suffered another earlobe injury caused by an accident.

What to Expect During Earlobe Repair

Earlobe repair surgery is slightly different for everyone since the procedure is based on the type of earlobe damage that must be corrected.

  • For torn earlobe repair, your surgeon will join together the torn tissues by suture to fully reconstruct the earlobe.
  • For stretched earlobes, your surgeon will remove the stretched skin and reconstruct the remaining skin into a more natural earlobe shape.

Generally, earlobe repair surgery involves a local anesthetic only since the procedure requires little time and involves very tiny incisions. At Medical Tattoo Centers of America, we also offer ProNox nitrous oxide pain management as an add-on to any procedure that may cause anxiety or discomfort.

If you’re feeling nervous about your earlobe reconstruction, you can request nitrous oxide, which you’ll inhale through a small mouthpiece. You’ll have full control over the amount of ProNox you need, so you can fully customize your pain and anxiety management throughout the procedure.

Earlobe Repair Surgery Aftercare and Recovery Time

When your earlobe repair is complete, your provider will apply an antibiotic and bandage to the area and send you home with comprehensive aftercare instructions. Most patients return to their normal routine the day after the procedure and can drive themselves home as well.

You’ll need to wear the bandage for approximately one week, and you must be careful not to disturb the tissue with jewelry, hats, or activities that could compromise the healing process.

Sutures are typically removed approximately five to seven days after the procedure, and most patients see the final result of their earlobe repair about two months after surgery.

Schedule a Free Earlobe Repair Consultation

If you’d like to restore the appearance of your earlobes, let our team at Medical Tattoo Centers of America help you create a look you’ll love. Virtually anyone with torn, stretched, or damaged earlobe tissue is a good candidate for earlobe repair, so get in touch with our office today to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs!

You can reach us at 612-770-0000 or request a free consultation online, and a member of our team will reach out to get you scheduled.