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Teeth Whitening is only $120! This is the same treatment that is done at some dental and cosmetic surgery offices! We are offering it now for a fraction of the price and use the same equipment! Take advantage of this special offer today!

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Twin Cities Teeth Whitening Services

If you don’t want to go to the dentist to get your teeth whitened but also want a medically licensed professional involved, contact Medical Tattoo Centers of America. We are a clinic committed to helping each of our clients achieve the look they want through a variety of services, including limited teeth care procedures.

During the teeth whitening process, we will protect your gums using a gel or shield to ensure the whitening agents do not discolor your gums. We will next apply the whitener, which will be either a solution with hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These solutions break up the stains on the surface of your teeth; They do not affect the actual color of your teeth. The stains break up into small particles, which gets them off the surface.

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Before we do any sort of procedure at Medical Tattoo Centers of America, we first have a consultation virtually or in-person at our Twin Cities clinic to discuss the procedure and whether or not you’re eligible for it. On the day of your appointment, we guarantee a sterile and safe environment that offers total privacy. You will be the only person in the clinic at the time of your appointment.

While at-home DIY teeth whitening products are readily available in drug stores and online, you are unlikely to get the results you would with a professional. Many people also use teeth whitening products for longer than the recommended time, which can increase tooth sensitivity and lead to discoloration. Medical Tattoo Centers of America offers safe and effective teeth whitening services in a clean and welcome environment. Visit our gallery to see the results!

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If you are in the Twin Cities metro area and looking for a medically certified teeth whitening place outside of a dentist to do simple dental work, contact Medical Tattoo Centers of America today. With our teeth whitening services, we can help you get the smile you want. Schedule a free consultation here, give us a call at 612-770-0000, or message us on our contact page today.